The Importance of a Responsive Website for Your Business

April 25, 2018
April 25, 2018 admin

The Importance of a Responsive Website for Your Business

In the last few hours, millions of people all over the world have accessed their favorite websites through mobile devices. In my case, I am particularly grateful for the ease at which mobile devices can perform the functions previously exclusive to desktops. I can check my favorite blogs, shop online and check images on the go. This is because a majority of the brands have created responsive websites for their businesses. It is important for entrepreneurs who own small and large businesses to have websites that feature a responsive web design because it adds to the competitive edge they have in the fierce markets.

What is a responsive website?

It can be simply defined as a website that can be accessed and viewed on all devices and computers regardless of screen resolution, height, aspect ratio, or other orientation features. Responsive sites offer a mobile-friendly design as well as standard desktop features that make it easy for visitors to navigate and use the different features on the site.

Who benefits from sites that have a responsive web design?

The tough markets have made it important that businesses find ways to attract and engage more customers online. It is easier to increase customer loyalty for brands when they have a good experience while using the brand’s website. So, every business that needs to increase their customer base needs to have sites that feature responsive web designs.

What makes a website responsive?

A site is said to be responsive when it has the following features

Easy navigation

There should never be a frown on your visitors’ faces while navigating through your website. This is the essence of integrating a mobile-friendly design. A higher number of visitors will check your site with mobile devices; it is essential that they have a good experience.

Flexible images

For any reason, visitors may quickly switch devices or computers while browsing through your website. The images should be the same across all devices. Responsive websites have a standard screen resolution that makes this possible. Your website should also be able to accommodate new media content such as GIFs, and micro interactions which improve the user experience.

Easy to read media content

One of the latest design trends is the use of bolder typography that makes it easy for your visitors to understand your web content.


Websites with responsive web designs have been developed to automatically detect the type of device your visitors use to access the site. And it automatically adjusts to fit the device.

Benefits of having a responsive website for your business

Website traffic

The chances of experiencing an increase in revenue are higher when more visitors access your site. Google particularly regards websites that have mobile-friendly designs. This means your responsive website will be featured among the first results on Google search thus a higher ranking.

Improved digital marketing campaign

A responsive web design improves customer experience which can lead to higher conversion and increased sales.

It is Cost-effective

It is cheaper to have one website for your brand that features responsive web design than two websites (one for desktop view and another for mobile view).

Reach a wider audience by ensuring that your website is responsive.  Contact us about a new site with the best responsive web design to give your business leverage in the competitive markets.